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It is hugely important to us to present the classical string quartet in an artistically interesting way and to demonstrate the breadth of its tradition. 

We have released a digital EP, celebrating the music of a female composer whose works have historically been overlooked. Germaine Tailleferre was a hugely important composer in the early twentieth century and a member of the famous group Les Six, though today her name is less well-known than those of her male counterparts. This digital EP project aims to promote a comparatively unknown composer and to allow their exciting and kaleidoscopic sound world to reach new audiences. This digital EP has been made possible with the support of Help Musicians UK, the Fenton Arts Trust, the De Lancey & De La Hanty Foundation, and the Bert Jansch Foundation, and can be listened to HERE, along with a promotional video about Tailleferre herself.  

We have also recorded Grażyna Bacewicz’s String Quartet No.4; she was a Polish violinist and composer who won recognition during her lifetime, but her works are still not often performed, and deserve to be heard more. We will be approaching some labels with the aim to turn this work into a larger CD project. We are still in the early planning and fundraising stages of this recording project, so if you are interested in discussing this with us or supporting this project in any way then please do get in touch!

Discretionary donations can be made via PayPal here

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